Black pepper

Black pepper

(Piper nigrum L.)


  • FR. Poivre noir
  • SP. Pimienta negra
  • DE. Schwarzer Pfeffer
  • IT. Pepe nero
  • NL. Zwarte peper
  • IN. Merica hitam

Exporting countries and harvesting season

  • Brazil: Sep-Dec
  • India: Nov-Feb
  • Indonesia: Aug-Okt
  • Malaysia: Jul-Sep
  • Sri Lanka: Okt-Feb
  • Vietnam: Feb-May

Main trade varieties

Asta, Cleaned, FAQ

Container qty

20' abt. 14 mtons / 40' abt. 25 mtons

Broker's comments

Next to cleanliness, pepper is also graded into several densities or by size (bold pepper corns). Other producing countries are for instance Guatamala, Honduras, Cambodia and Myanmar.