Sichuan: má má!

Sichuan: má má!

Sichuan pepper, a spice originating from China's Sichuan province, offers a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Its history spans over 3,000 years, making it a staple in Asian cuisine and an increasingly popular choice worldwide.

What sets Sichuan pepper apart is its unique flavor profile. It delivers a numbing, tingling sensation known as "má," attributed to hydroxy-alpha-sanshool compounds. This sensation accompanies a citrusy and slightly woodsy flavor, creating a delightful culinary balance.
Cultivated in Sichuan's ideal climate and terrain, the berries are harvested in late summer and early autumn, then sun-dried for year-round use.
Beyond Sichuan cuisine, this spice has gained popularity in international dishes, adding a distinctive element to various cuisines. Besides its culinary charm, Sichuan pepper has been associated with potential health benefits, like aiding digestion and reducing inflammation.
In a world of spices, Sichuan pepper is the tingly, flavorful gem that continues to captivate the senses, offering a remarkable and unforgettable journey on your palate.
Sichuan pepper, an exquisite spice with centuries of history, is embarking on a challenging journey to European kitchens. Yet, this tingly, aromatic spice encounters an obstacle along the way—pesticides and anthraquinone. Regrettably, this issue hampers most Sichuan pepper imports from China to Europe, as stringent EU regulations prioritize food safety and quality.
However, there's hope in this spice odyssey. A dedicated processor and exporter, with their own carefully managed farms and working exclusively for Van der Does Spice Brokers, stands as a beacon of purity in the Sichuan Pepper landscape. Their commitment to stringent quality control ensures that their Sichuan pepper is devoid of harmful pesticides and anthraquinone, making it one of the few available for export to the EU. Please contact us for more information.

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