Ochratoxine A 2023

Ochratoxine A 2023

Ochratoxine A: New maximum levels applicable from 1. January 2023. On 5 August, the associated amending regulation (Regulation (EU) 2022/1370) was published in the Official Journal of the European Commission.

The amendments affect, among others, the following food categories:

  • the previous maximum level of 15 μg/kg for certain spices extended to all spices, with the exception of Capsicum spp. ,
  • for dried herbs, a general maximum level of 10 μg/kg is introduced,
  • for liquorice roots, a general maximum level of 20 μg/kg is introduced,
  • for ginger roots, a maximum level of 15 μg/kg applies for use in herbal infusions,
  • for marshmallow roots and dandelion roots a maximum level of 20 μg/kg applies for use in herbal infusions,
  • for sunflower and pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and soybeans a maximum level of 5 μg/kg will apply.

The Regulation will enter into force on 28 August 2022 and will apply from 1 January 2023. Products that have already been lawfully placed on the market before 1 January 2023 may remain on the market until their best-before or use-by date.

Source: European Spice Association

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